Rust cheating with QuantumCheats

Rust Quantum Cheats

Rust Quantum Cheats

Ore, Stone and Fuel Generator

Rust cheating with QuantumCheats

QuantumCheats Rust features and pricing
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Pricing, 150/m

Health Bar
Show Names
Show distance 1-1337
Item ESP

No recoil
Always Day
Debug Camera
-Rust Aimbot-
Head, Chest
Show FPS
Show Aimbone

Ore, Stone & Fuel plays an important role in the game, and you may need to keep it in mind. The Rust Hack can help the gamers to generate big amounts of Fuel quickly to win the game.

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Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Repair Episode 1 of 2

Rust Fix

Rust Fix

Ore, Stone and Fuel Generator

My 2002 Toyota Tacoma had significant frame rust around the rear leaf spring mount, a typical place for rust to form on these trucks. This episode shows the tear down of the truck down to the bare frame on the rear section of the truck. I decided to go all in and replaced all suspension components in the back and make sure that rust was not going to be an issue anytime soon.

The next episode will discuss the products I purchased and will show the final product. I hope that these videos inspire someone to put in the work to fix their Tacoma if the truck still has value and is solid minus the frame rust. Before starting this project, inspect your frame to make sure there is enough metal to weld to and will be structural, since this is not a light job.

If anyone has any questions about this video or any others, feel free to message me anytime.

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Fuel engage in a vital part in the game, and you need to keep it in mind. The use of Rust Cheats can help the people to generate big amounts of Stone in minutes to win the game.

Repairing a subframe by cutting out the rust, welding patches, then painting.

Although this subframe is from a Saturn S-Series car this information is univeral for all subframes across various vehicle brands. This subframe was from a rusted out vehicle that I purchased for the engine. Upon examination I found that my 2nd subframe (replaced 5 years prior) was rusting out AGAIN. So this one looked decent, I decided to clean and paint it. Sandblasting revealed 2 minor rust spots, both on the drivers side.

In this video you will see me cleaning the frame, cutting out the rust, and welding in patches then painting the subframe with a rugged coating of Rustoleum truck bed liner.

Some subframes can be repaired on the vehicles while extensive damage may require removal. The reason is that it may be hard to reliably access certain areas for a quality repair. Subframe failure can result in loss of control, very dangerous. If you discover sub frame damage you should not drive the vehicle unit it is replaced or repaired.

Some people say that sub frames or engine cradles should not be repaired at all but I see no reason why minor rust like the one shown in this video cannot be patched with quality welds and material. I used scrap metal that’s strength exceeded the original material. If your subframe is as bad as the picture in the beginning of this video then I don’t feel it should be repaired.

The first time I did a subframe I had no prior experience and it took me a weekend. Mostly dealing with rusty and broken components.

Sub frame removal should be similar for most cars but will vary a bit. Here is the general procedure.

1. Jack up the front end, secure it behind the subframe on jackstands or something secure so it won’t fall. I typically also shove the wheels under the car for extra insurance in case the car falls it will land on the wheels hopefully saving anyone underneath.

2. Support the engine & transmission (you can lay lumber across your fenders and chain to it). I used a chainfall from the ceiling of my garage.
See photo here:

3. Support any other items (Probably just your radiator) with ropes, bungee’s, or zip ties. Get creative.

3. Disconnect everything from the subframe (engine & transmission mounts, control arms, steering rack, brake lines, sway bar, etc.)

4. Drop the subframe out. Installation is the opposite.

NOTES: Pre-soak rusty bolts & be prepared to replace any old rusty exhaust parts that may break. I have found that old exhaust systems, once disturbed, tend to have issues.

The large subframe to body bolts can be a chore. They are often retained by captive nuts in the frame which often break free if they are old and rusted. Pre-soak these heavily with good penetrating oil like PB Blaster, days ahead of time, and repeatedly. Sometimes to avoid breaking the nuts a high speed high power pneumatic impact wrench is the best option (fast & furious). If the captive nuts break do free and spin then you have some options:

You may need to drill a hole to access it of there are no holes nearby:
1. Tack weld it in place
2. Wedge something in next to to keep it from spinning
3. put a wrench on it if you reach it
4. Cut the bolt off (torch or saw) then shove the remains up into the frame and install new nut.

I also highly suggest joining a forum specific to your vehicle for specific help.

To see the horrible condition of the car this came off of:

Saving a rusting oil pan:

Here is some info on the tools I am using:

Harbor freight model 68992 40 lb sandblaster like the one I used:

Really cheap Harbor Freight model 95793 sandblaster

The Solo Strategy Explained | A Rust Solo Survival Guide

Rust Solo Tips

Rust Solo Tips

Ore, Stone and Fuel Generator

The Solo Strategy Explained | A Rust Solo Survival Guide

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Hey Guys, different sort of video today, This one will hopefully give you all a slightly different outlook on playing solo in rust, this isnt your typical ’10 tips and tricks to get better’ but instead a guide on how to tackle a solo wipe with my playstyle, and how to consistently have a successful wipe.


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Stone, Ore & Fuel takes part in an important role in the game, and you need to keep it in mind. The Rust Hack can help the gamers to gain unlimited Ore, Stone & Fuel in minutes to dominate the game.

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Rust Rare Coin Inc

Rust Rare Coin Inc

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